Protest Against Inflation by Public on call of PTI

Today, is going to be one the memorable days regarding protest of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) against rising inflation on the call of the party leader Imran Khan. He was also the former Prime Minister of Pakistan as well. This protest in going to be held in all major cities across the country. 

In this protest, apart from public, all PTI workers and supporters were also present to raise their voice against rising inflation and fuel prices. 
In Peshawar, the protest was in Hashtnagri Gate where large number of people were present to protest against load shedding and petrol prices in addition to inflation. Similar other protests were held in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and other cities etc. It is held for the benefit of masses at their own. 

“This government is in the IMF program for two months and we remained in it for two and a half years,” the PTI chief said as he made the comparison.

Adding further, Imran Khan said that they had reduced petrol prices by Rs. 10 even IMF asked them to hike petrol prices.  There was account deficit by 20 billion dollar when PML-N left their government in 2018 which on one of the reasons for economic shambles of Pakistan. 

PM warns nation that if they keep sitting idly, then it is not possible to bring the relief from inflation. So, i invite all professionals, doctors, engineers and govenment workers to take the necessary protest against inability to handle government and inflation and economy.


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