Pakistan to be Removed from Grey List – Recent News Update

Pakistan has one good news in this economically shamble situation that it has been out from Grey List on 17th June 2022. This is very positive aspect for Pakistan that it has cleared its cases of money laundering and terrorist activities according to recent news update.

Recently,  Berlin plenary, the global money-laundering and terrorist-financing watchdog has made clear that Pakistan has successfully completed its two actions above mentioned in addition to all other actions 34. This shows that political commitment was strong to make Pakistan progress further. Moreover, it was made clear that Pakistan is effectively making its money-laundering cases upward direction and prosecutions as well according to resources. 

Furthermore, assessment of Pakistan’s efforts to remove it from grey list shows that previous government of Pakistan has made much efforts to avoid money laundering and corruption cases lower so that Pakistan can be avoided to be included in blacklist. 

However, it is not good not to give credit to coalition government in its efforts to remove Pakistan from this list. Current reposts suggest that China is making efforts with Pakistan to remove Pakistan from this worry.

Pakistan once removed from this list, will give chance to foreign investors to invest in Pakistan resulting in economic advantage to Pakistan as well. 

In a nutshell, Pakistan has been in the grey list three tines since 2008. So, putting Pakistan in this list will cause multiple damages to the economy of Pakistan and international trade. So, there is a hope that Pakistan will try further to strengthen this kind of issues and policies like these to make Pakistan make more prosper.  


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