Fuel Prices Hike – Current News


All citizens of government should get ready for another jump in petrol prices despite three fold increase within very short period of time. This huge surprise may bring many questions in the mind of people that what future will bring in terms of inflation and other hike in prices of goods. With the increase in fuel prices and start of new fiscal year 2022 from 1 July, it will have huge impact on the prices of petrol and other things as well. 

It is completely a glum scenario and it is difficult to survive for our country along with global market scenario. So, it is imperative for the government to devise some effective strategies other wise public is going to suffer a lot. 

Government should devise some plan to cut petrol prices to do important tasks daily so that citizens can be able to manage the petrol prices. In this context, the importance for solar energy is increasing.

People should be encouraged to switch to green vehicles and electricity driven sources to curb petrol prices and manage their transportation and in this way it is environment friendly process as well. It is better and effective to make electric panels and electric cars rather than making bullets, bombs and tanks etc. 


So, a joint effort is needed to bring the economic misery down. In this respect, both PTI and current government is supposed to cooperate and manage effectively to give relief to public. For all of this, unity and national will it is possible and the resilience of Pakistan can be removed. 

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