Political Tussle can only be Solved by Free and Fair Elections – Chief Minister of Pakistan said

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In an on-going tussle or political conflicts between different political parties of Pakistan, there is very challenging situation of PML-N & PTI which need to be addressed immediately. So, Hamza Shahbaz, Chief Minister of Pakistan, said that political solution between them is possible only if there is conduction of free and fair elections in the  country. He said, both parties should come in the battleground in front of each other to face the situation as both were prepared to confront each other, according to latest news update. 

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Failure of Naya Pakistan – PTI

According to him, at a media briefing in Faisalabad, the country’s economy and government are now experiencing a number of issues, particularly in terms of corruption, recent news reported. “They (the PTI) have done nothing but lie for the past four years.” Imran Khan failed to deliver on his promise of a ‘naya Pakistan,’ and instead he shattered the existing system.”

Old Pakistan is Back

The administrations — federal and provincial — have began the quest to bring back the old Pakistan, in which “the growth rate was 5.8 percent, labourers were paid on time, and vital food products were readily accessible,” according to Hamza.

Free and Fair Elections – the only solution for peace

The president promised that “we would cooperate with our friends and take initiatives that will be beneficial to the public.” “And I believe that in the forthcoming era, after economic changes have been finished, free and fair elections will be the only way to resolve the situation in the country,” says the author keeping in view recent situation of the country. 

In spite of all of the obstacles, he expressed confidence that “God will build a route” for the country to become “Quaid-e-Pakistan.” He also stated that the PML-N was prepared to compete with Imran Khan on the political battlefield.

Civil War onset on the remover of Chief Minister

However, certain individuals, Hamza said, referring to the previous prime minister, want to ignite a “civil war” in the country by removing him from power.

In his remarks, he cited the verdict of the National Assembly deputy speaker on the no-trust resolution and the Punjab chief ministerial elections as instances of how Imran Khan is acting in “suicide vest” mode to undermine the Constitution of Pakistan and stomp on its provisions, recent news update reported.

Facilities Old Pakistan is going to offer

“Unlike Imran, we do not believe in the politics of vengeance, but we will not forgive Imran for forcing people to stand in long lines for sugar, wheat, and medications,” said the group. Hamza said, “We will show how he looted the pockets of the people and force him to pay for his crimes.” 

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