It Takes Ages to Fix the Economy by New Government


In a recent news update in dawn editorial, it is clarified that tension are increasing day-by-day due to instable economy and the new government is reluctant is finding their feet to fix all political matters and economy. In a recent meeting at London with all ministers of Pakistan, the final output has not been well described and received the newest and important policy decisions which everybody was waiting in order to keep the economy of Pakistan from sinking further down.

Main Description

Many people are concerned about how paralysed the PML-N appears to be, especially in light of the fact that important members of the cabinet have not shown up for work despite the fact that sirens are screaming at full intensity at home. It is very evident that significant persons inside the PML-N are well aware of the little amount of time that they have available to them. Ishaq Dar, Maryam Nawaz, and Khawaja Asif are three prominent members of this group. Over the past several days, each of them has made public remarks that seem to position them in the “cut losses and go” camp of the PML-N.

Those who are still awaiting significant policy decisions that have the potential to stop markets from falling further have not taken kindly to the sudden announcement that PML-N ministers will be summoned to London. The prime minister will lead a 10-member delegation that will include the ministers of defence, information, planning, power, finance, and railways, amongst others. This news has not been received well by those who are still awaiting these decisions.

It will take Years to Mend “Imran Khan’s Disaster, – Shahbaz Sharif said

Regarding the rational measures to dealing with the economy that Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has presented, it appears that Mr. Dar is rather averse to these ideas. Ms. Nawaz believes that it will take years to mend “Imran Khan’s disaster,” and that a few months will not be enough. Current has been generally taken as Ms. Nawaz implying that the PML-N requires a longer mandate than the year or so that is remaining in the tenure of this Assembly.

Then there is Mr. Asif, who suggested that we may be heading for elections as early as October of this year; however, he had to walk back his remarks after PPP co-chair and coalition partner Asif Ali Zardari called a hastily called press conference to publicly contradict that position and assert that there could be no elections before electoral and NAB law reforms were carried out. Zardari stated that there could be no elections before the electoral and NAB law reforms were carried out.

Different Options Available

The conversation that the PML-N had with the media in London did not shed much light on whether the party would be implementing populist policies in order to safeguard the economy or would be making the difficult but essential decisions to defend the economy. The first option is the proper way to lead with an economic catastrophe so perilously close; the second option is a self-serving approach that may be successful in maintaining political capital for the party, but at a high cost to the economy. Both options should be considered.

No matter what the circumstances are, electoral and accountability reforms cannot be the only stepping stone this administration uses to limp its way to the next election. For the sake of protecting the economic interests of millions of Pakistanis, who will, in the end, be the ones to foot the tab for prolonged uncertainty, difficult decisions need to be made as quickly as feasible and as early as possible. Even if the PPP may have its own set of goals, the PML-N needs to make a strong decision regarding the path it would take moving forward. Either take charge of the situation or get out of the way.


]In order to keep the economy of Pakistan stable and to prevent it from sinking down, the country needs to take tough decisions as soon as possible. It will help to keep the desires of million Pakistanis. Whatever, the stance of other political party of Pakistan, PPP is, PML-N’s main task is to decide its own fate. What new government will do, it should notify quickly as it is taking too much time to decide. In this critical situation of the country, it is time for government to decide its fate or get out from my job. 

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