New Government Needs to Deal with Multiple Sectors Urgently

We already knew before of time that these issues would be high on the agenda for the new administration and would need immediate action. It would have made sense, therefore, to have key individuals prepared to take up the relevant portfolios from the get-go, as the new set-up does not have time on its side. As a result, after almost a week, two important coalition members are signalling that they may not be willing to assume responsibility for how the new administration must go with achieving its programme, recent news reported.

New Coalition Administration

The new coalition administration does not seem to be off to the best start. We still don’t know who the new members of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s cabinet will be. This is a very worrying position, given the urgency with which the next administration must deal with the current economic, political, and social issues.

 recent news reported that when the new coalition government was formed, it would have been assumed that the parties would have worked out the details of a seamless takeover from PTI once they realised they had the necessary support.

 PML-N-led Government

If the PML-N-led government is to remain in office, it needs the support of the parties that helped it come to power. There are times when the prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, must make tough, but necessary, choices quickly. In spite of the difficulties he faces, he has an obligation to protect the nation against more economic and political instability,  recent news reported.

Meanwhile, the PTI has been showing its muscles in crucial urban support groups, still wounded from its unceremonious exit from power.

Economic Imbalances

A key part of its strategy is to arouse support among voters by portraying the incoming administration as an instrument of an outside force, whose every move would be colored by its supposed allegiance to foreign interests. When the next administration is compelled to correct the economic imbalances entrusted to it, it will be ready for any unpalatable move. In a cynical disregard for their own guilt, former PTI ministers are already warning supporters that the incoming administration would drop a petrol bomb on their heads if they don’t change their ways.

 Recent news reported, With his reputation for getting the job done, many major stakeholders both within and outside the nation are keeping an eye on his performance. He has to be aware of the consequences of his inability to assemble a team to complete the project on time.

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