Corrigendum for Purchase of IT Equipment for Kohsar University Murree 2022 Latest


Kohsar University Murree is a non-profit, public research institution in Murree, Punjab. It was founded by the Punjab government under the Kohsar University, Murree Act-2020, which is a non-profit public research university. This university is affiliated with Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) and it was established in 2020 and is located at Kashmir Point Murree in the Punjab province.

As of now, the university is housed in the buildings of the Government Degree College Murree (Boys), the Government Degree College Murree for Women, Punjab House Murree, the Resource Centre Murree, and the Murree Brewery.

Website of this university is

CORRIGENDUM   (IPL-4396) For Purchase of IT Equipment Tender 

This refers to the advertisement for the aforementioned tender, which was published in National Dailies on April 13, 2022, and is being referred to as “the tender.” 

Accepting the fact that the tender will be opened on the following date and at the same time as stated in the original advertisement, please acknowledge that the following date and time will be used: 

Tender Description: Tender for the purchase of medical supplies

 Date of opening: January 1, 2020,  and

 April 29, 2022, for the purchase of IT Equipment

It supplies equipment for IT. It is required of all bidders who have collected tender documents from Kohsar University Murree that they make the necessary modifications to the paperwork. 

All other terms and conditions of the tender will remain unaltered.

This is directed by the orders from:

Project Director  


Admin Block, Kashmir Point

Murree’s phone number: 051-9269179

Advertisement for corrigendum of KOHSAR UNIVERSITY MURREE

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