An Infringement to Pakistan by Khan’s National Self-esteem

 It appears that an official routine communication was distorted to incite anti-American hysteria for political gain in the short term.

An injustice to Pakistan

An injustice to Pakistan

The PTI government’s Accusation

The PTI government accused the combined opposition of working with the American establishment to bring about a regime change in Pakistan, sparking a constitutional crisis. At the core of the crisis are notes from a meeting between Pakistani and US officials on March 7 in Washington, DC.

Interim Prime Minister Imran Khan, who recently asked the President to dismiss the National Assembly, claims that the meeting notes contained evidence that Pakistan’s opposition parties were collaborating with US officials.

Dissolution of National Assembly of Pakistan

So rather than examining the conspiracy claims or facing the no-confidence motion, the PTI government dissolved the National Assembly, putting the state into a constitutional impasse.

The validity of the Author’s decision to deny the vote of no confidence and the following dissolution of the lower House of Parliament is currently being debated by the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the government’s assertion that the communique demonstrated a conspiracy in which opposition leaders coordinated with foreign groups against the state must be examined.

The Ambassador-Misfortune Designate’s

According to an examination of official remarks issued by the Pakistani government after March 7 — the day the document was received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Pakistan was actively seeking economic and other ties with the United States. Her willingness to work with the US In his advice to Ambassador-designate Masood Khan, who is taking over from outgoing Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan and who held a series of meetings with the civil and military establishment before assuming responsibilities in Washington DC later in March, interim premier Khan made no mention of a conspiracy, according to Pakistani government press releases.

Pakistan-US Relations with Common Aims

On March 14, the interim PM, along by then-foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, met with the ambassador-designate and emphasised that “Pakistan-US relations were founded on partnership and common aims.” He also told the envoy that he should “try to develop bilateral relations between the two countries.”

He also voiced confidence in the ambassador-ability designate’s to develop “Pakistan–US ties, particularly for the benefit of the people of Pakistan.”

Imran Khan’s and his foreign minister’s advise to the ambassador-designate makes no reference of a plan. The meeting happened multiple times a week after the claimed paper was delivered to the Foreign Office.

Admiration of  Ambassador

One cannot help but admire Ambassador-designate Masood Khan, who has taken on responsibilities at a time when diplomatic relations between the United States and Pakistan are at an all-time low. Masood is set to deliver his credentials to President Joe Biden later this month, after Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the US establishment of destabilising his administration. Three US senators have already petitioned the Biden administration to reject his nomination papers.

The United States’ Actions

Unlike the previous US government, President Joe Biden nominated Donald Blome to replace Islamabad’s outgoing ambassador in 2018. On March 1, the US Senate confirmed Ambassador Blome’s appointment.

The US embassy in Islamabad has been without an ambassador for four years, which coincides with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s entire mandate. While the absence of an ambassador for four years may not be viewed as a direct snub by the US government, it could be interpreted as a lack of interest or importance by the current or past US administrations.

The US State Department’s Role

The Biden administration’s choice to nominate an ambassador to its mission in Islamabad must be viewed positively. The US State Department stated after the Senate confirmation that “operation with Pakistan is critical to progress on regional security, trade and investment, the climate problem, and other issues.”

claim of a plot, on the other hand, threatens to jeopardise Pakistan’s commercial relations with one of its most important partners, the United States.

So, what is the next?

Imran Khan must share the minutes from the ambassador’s meeting with US authorities if he honestly believes the opposition was participating in an international conspiracy against his government.

Even if the prime minister is hesitant to provide the minutes, opposition leaders who have been charged by the prime minister of conspiring with foreign governments must go to court to vindicate their names. They will be able to see the evidence that has been brought against them.

Communication Between An Embassy and the Foreign Office

As of today, it appears that an official routine communication between an embassy and the foreign office was manipulated to dissolve the Assembly and incite anti-American hysteria for political gain. As more information becomes available, it becomes clear that Imran Khan’s self-serving pseudo-national pride will harm not only Pakistan’s economic and social prospects, but also its diplomatic relations. So, there is a need to further discuss about the current issues.

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