Warn to PM Imran Khan Regarding End of the Game: Maryam Nawaz Says


Warn Prime Minister Imran Khan In relation to the game’s conclusion: PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz stated on Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s “game is ended now.”

“In the wake of inflation and poor government, your electoral prospects are grim. You’re well aware that you’ve lost the game as well as the impending elections.”

She blasted the premier for disparaging the opposition in his statements while speaking to the media outside the Islamabad High Court. “I’ve heard his talks, and he comes out as a defeated man.”

Every political party goes through “these stages,” Maryam remarked, but none has ever used harsh language like Imran Khan. “You make fun of your opponents. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is your opponent. You’re emulating Bilawal.”

And while he’s at it, the PML-N leader said, the PM looks like a knucklehead. “I advise people not to let their children watch such lectures,” Maryam remarked, emphasising that Nawaz Sharif never “let go of his moral values” while confronting numerous injustices.

“Four years is adequate to demonstrate a person’s performance. Imran Khan should be aware that he has received a red card.”

She referred to the no-confidence motion as karma for Prime Minister David Cameron. “You have criticised Nawaz Sharif’s politics. Today, the same Nawaz has humiliated you by breaking into your homes while away. Now it’s up to you to pay visits to folks who only have one or two seats.”

You declined to pay a visit to the Hazaras, “And,” Maryam said to the premier.

“You, makafat-e-amal, are the victim of your own arrogance, not any plot.”

‘Neutrality wave’ is a term used to describe a period of time in which

According to Maryam, there is a “wave of neutrality” in the air right now. “We’ve heard that this has irritated some folks. I had no idea a single world could bring your 22-year fight to an end.”

The PTI government and Imran Khan, according to the PML-N vice-president, never permitted the National Accountability Bureau or the Federal Investigation Agency to remain neutral.

“You’ve always been a conspirator. You need someone to finish your numbers, keep you in the game, manage your media, and oversee all of your institutions.”

She pointed out that the PTI did not have enough votes in the Senate elections but nevertheless won.  “Tell us about your activities at the time. Were you ever a part of a horse-trading ring? Why are you having problems now if it was legal at the time?”

Maryam insisted that being neutral is a matter of adhering to the Constitution. “It’s a positive step if someone is pushing for the Constitution to be followed.”

“Only God knows who will be elected as the new Prime Minister,” she continued, “but for the PML-N, it will be Shehbaz Sharif.”

Why falling apart & sounding hysterical @ImranKhanPTI ? The game has only just begun, dude & you have already lost it! Show some sportsman spirit man!

— Maryam Nawaz Sharif (@MaryamNSharif) March 6, 2022

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