Tender Notice – Invitation for Bids – WAPDA – Recent News Update

The reference number for this bid is: WHL/MS/PROC-CELL/LEFTOVER 21-22/

This invitation is from WAPDA HOSPITAL COMPLEX, LAHORE from licensed manufacturers, sole agents, suppliers for the supply of bulk purchase and importers.

Following are the details of the bid.


Sr. No.


Due Date

Opening date of tender


Left over surgical disposable items, Dental items, medicines, disposable instruments and radiological instruments




            1100 hrs




           1130 hrs



Interested suppliers should keep in mind the following things mentioned below.

  • In person, sealed bids are required by a person or authorized representative of the bidder. It should be made clear that it should reach on time and exact date. One can submit in the office of the Medical Superintendent.

  • The bid received should be opened on the same date in front of the bidder or authorized representative.

  • Demand draft or original pay order (50,000) should be attached with the bid.

  • Procuring agency has the right to amend the tender notice according to PPRA rules 2004.

  • Invitation bid and further information related to the notice are available online on the PPRA website www.ppra.org.pk and wapda website www.wapda.gov.pk as well.

  • The participants’ firms are advised to quote only one offer against each item that they deem carrying the best value for money.

  • Bidding will be conducted through a single-stage two envelops bidding procedure containing a single package containing financial and technical proposals in a separate envelope as per PPRA rules 2004.

  • All suppliers are advised to keep in mind all the steps needed for bidding. They should make sure the necessary documents and other things are attached.

The address for the bidding is given below.

Medical Superintendent



The following notice may also be assessed from the PPRA website: www.ppra.org.pk



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