Robber Injury at Chiniot – Recent News Update

 Police reported on Thursday night on 24 Feb 2022 that a suspected robber injured by himself in one of the villages of Chiniot near Dapharkay during a shootout. Muhammad Ajmal, Bhowana Station House Officer said that he spotted three suspects and asked them to surrender when he was patrolling. He said they said that they opened fire and did not listen to anyone. He said that one of the suspects while opened fire was injured by himself in accomplices. He further clarified that police helped the suspect by taking him into custody and accomplices managed their escape. The name of the injured that was got hurt by himself was identified as Tahir. He was shifted to Bhowana THQ Hospital for treatment and checking if any serious injury happened. The SHO alleged that Tahir was involved in almost 42 cases. These cases are narcotics, illegal weapons, robberies and theft in Langrana, Rajoa and Saddar areas since 1992. He further mentioned that police is trying to find other two suspects as well.

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