Refusal in Postponement of KP LG polls in KP by ECP-News Update

 KP general Elections on 31ST March

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is going to have elections on 31st March 2022. Recent news updates reported that some people were seeking to delay the process of elections of the second phase of local government. But Election Commission of Pakistan rejected the application of delay by saying that second phase elections will be carried out as per the schedule and no delay will be accepted. So, the elections of KP are going to be held on the same day which was selected in the first place.

Delay in Elections due to bad weather conditions

Due to the bad weather condition in hilly areas, the petitioners were trying to postponement for six weeks. They said that due to the condition of the weather, many people from hilly areas have moved to Punjab temporarily. So, if the postponement is not allowed then there is disfranchisement.

 ECP refuses the delay in elections

KP general asked for a delay in the elections due to security and weather conditions in the second phase of the general election of KP. Sikandar Sultan Raja, Chief Election Commissioner, said that decision was following Supreme Court’s decision. They said that there is no point to delay the election process.

The postponement from 27 March to 31 March

They further clarified that ECP has already extended the date of the general elections of KP from 27 March to 31 March as the apex court suspended the order of Feb 1 of Peshawar High Court (PHC). There was a delay in judgment by PHC and Advocate Afnan Karim Kundi, representing ECP, said that commission has already decided to delay elections due to the delay caused by PHC judgment.  

The second phase of elections in 18 districts 

The second phase of elections in 18 districts of KP was going to be held in January 2022 but the process was already delayed by ECP through 30 December order on the application filed by MPA and MNA’s of the local area.

The final notification on January 20, 2022

The final notification came on January 20 saying that the final phase of elections of KP will be held on March 27. But according to verbal order by the Abbattoabad bench of PHC on Feb 1, the process was delayed. This was done keeping in view the petition by 5 districts of KP. The reason for the delay from these districts was the bad weather condition of snowfall due to heavy snow accumulation. Therefore, it is very difficult to set up polling stations and polling staff along with procedure requisites for recording and other necessary instruments.


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