Men Arrested for Fraud and Rape – Recent News Update

Three men involved in online fraud activities at Toba Tek Singh were arrested by Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber crime wing on Wednesday.

The detailed activities which these suspects were performing are following. They were making phone calls to different people from different companies as fake representatives of game shows. These show are aired in different TV channels and defrauded them. FIA cyber crime wing incharge Arshad Ali Rizwi said in a statement. The names of the suspects were Hussain, Shafiq and Ali Hassan.

The suspects snatched laptops and mobile phones from plenty of people. FIA took these mobiles and laptop from them and returned to the respective people.

Shocking news about sexual harassment case is represented here. A man having some kind of rivalry from another man harassed his wife as a revenge. He raped her on a gunpoint on Wednesday near Chak 310-JB. The name of the person whose wife was sexually harassed was Muhammad Kaifi. He gave first information report (FIR) stating that he and his wife were returning to their native village 310-JB. His rival along with some other men intercepted the rikshaw they were using to travel on Gojra-Jhan Road.

He reported that suspects arrested and abducted his wife on a gunpoint and took her to sugarcane field. Inside the sugarcane field, the suspect raped his wife while the others were giving him security for rape. Police said that he has arrested all the suspects for further investigation and taking action against them keeping in view the investigation.

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