IPAK plans a public offer to raise Rs. 2.16 billion-Recent News Update

 International Packaging films Ltd. is almost set to roll out its initial public offering (IPO). It is followed by the nod from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) keeping in view their listing applications.

IPO is a Greenfield project started in 2017. It is in Kasur Punjab. It came into operation in Lahore. It can make 40,000 tons annually of BOP films. The thickness of these films varies from 10 to 60 microns.

Recent news update of Tuesday 16 Feb 2022, the company wants to increase Rs. 2.16 by selling 63.5 million ordinary sharing as part of IPO on PSX. IPAK started its commercial operation in 2017. It started its career as a pioneer for five-layer biaxially oriented polypropylene films in Pakistan. Now, the company is enhancing its expertise and services of selling and manufacturing polypropylene films by a way of wholly-owned subsidiary cast film Packaging Ltd.

So, the purpose for doing all this is just to expand our business in the industry. Meanwhile, we want to meet the emerging needs of society. Similarly, it will be beneficial for expanding purposes.

SEO Naveed Godil, the staff news reporter informed.


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